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Use Sam's Club credit at


Use Sam's Club credit at

I'm trying to pay for stuff in my cart at with my Sam's Club credit card (non-Discover), but it doesn't seem possible. I know you can awap Walmart and Sam's instore but is it possible online? It would appear my Sam's credit card acct number is 19 digits and doesn't fit in the credit slot. I tried just the first 16 digits and that didn't work either. My Sam's membership number is 17 digits. Any thoughts?

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Re: Use Sam's Club credit at

Websites generally have varying degrees of what forms of payment they accept.  For example, I used a VS card at B&BW tonight in store, but I couldn't used the VS card at the B&BW site.  Sometimes it goes the other way.  You can use a JCP card at, but not at a standalone Sephora store (to my knowledge).


Anyway, it's probably likely the Wally website won't take the Sam's Club card, even if the store will.

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Re: Use Sam's Club credit at

That I know sams will take wal mart as a form of paying at checkout.

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Re: Use Sam's Club credit at



Accepted Payment Methods



We accept the following methods of payment for orders:


  • American Express
  • Discover (including Walmart Discover)
  • MasterCard (including debit cards with a MasterCard logo)
  • Visa (including debit cards with a Visa logo)
  • Walmart Credit Card
  • Bill Me Later
  • PayPal
  • Walmart Gift Cards and eGift Cards
  • Layaway (available during holiday season)
  • Cash

ATM / Debit / Check Cards, including:


  • Walmart MoneyCard
  • Those with a MasterCard logo on the front
  • Those with a Visa logo on the front

Although EBT is accepted in Walmart stores, we are not able to accept EBT for online purchases.

If Your Card Is Issued by a Non-U.S. Bank


Credit and debit cards issued by banks outside of the U.S. are a valid form of payment on These cards are subject to the same security checks as cards issued by banks in the U.S.

The security checks are intended to ensure the safety and security of your financial information and prevent unauthorized use of your credit or debit card. Unfortunately, communication with foreign banks is not always as seamless as with banks based in the U.S., and we may be unable to verify the information required to complete your transaction.

If you are shipping to a U.S. address but using an international credit card, please put your full international address in the "Address" line and choose the US city and state that the order will be delivered to. For billing phone number, enter your base international phone number without the 001 or 011 prefix. If we are unable to verify payment, we will cancel your order and send you notification by email that the order could not be completed. To further ensure security and privacy, these emails do not include details of why the order was not completed.


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