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Used to get offers alot as a kid.

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Used to get offers alot as a kid.

I was born in 1992.


I remember as a kid from around 1998 to 2005 or so, I would get credit card offers in the mail from all different places, mainly saying "your pre-approved".


Thing is, I stopped getting offers one week. Since then, to this day, I have NEVER gotten a single offer in the mail. Even after I turned 18.


I talked to my parrents, and they never did a "opted-out" for me. I opted in a few months ago.


1. Is it normal for someone to get offers at a young age? I never had an id theft probem.


2. How come all of a sudden I quit getting offers in the mail?

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Re: Used to get offers alot as a kid.

Financial crisis all the banks tightened up their lending practices. 

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Re: Used to get offers alot as a kid.

It is not uncommon for children to get CC offers.  My daughter starting receiving some before she entered school.


Since you have opted-in, give it some time and you will probably start to see offers again in the not too distant future.

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