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Using Family Member's Account to Pay Credit Card Bill

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Using Family Member's Account to Pay Credit Card Bill

I am in good financial shape as  far as assets vs. liabilities but have a temporary cash crunch this month.

 I was thinking of using my parents' money market account to make my monthly BOA credit card payment.  I noticed on the BOA website, it does give you the option to add a money market account as a payment account(I currently use my checking account which has both my name and their names on it).

My questions:

1) I have never used a money market account to make a BOA payment. So I just put in the ABA number and account number and it will go through fine? Or does it need time to establish the relationship between the money market and BOA credit account?
The money market account is at another bank. I don't have any accounts with BOA, just my credit card.

2) Will there be a problem with the payment going through because my name is not on the money market account? i.e. the name on the money market will not match the name on the credit card account


My parents did give me permission to do it.

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Re: Using Family Member's Account to Pay Credit Card Bill

I've done this a couple of times for my adult kids (reimburse for plane tickets, etc.) It went through fine. Several times with USAA, once or twice with BofA.

Sorry, don't know about the money market thing. I would think that if it has the bank transit # and account #, it should work. I'd call to ask if MMA's need special handling. I wouldn't confuse them with the account ownership question, though. Smiley Wink
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