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Using Venmo to hit a sub?

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Re: Using Venmo to hit a sub?

@longtimelurker wrote:

@Shadowfactor wrote:


I know a lot of mortgages and rent companies don’t count on Plastiq anymore for certain issuers but I would imagine that a medical company might accept it

The restrictions are from the card issuers rather than the receiver right?   It's not that the mortgage companies don't want the money (I assume they get it all as it is just a check, and plastiq takes the fees from the customer).   So I agree it's likely that the medical company will work as issuers probably haven't blocked it.

Yes the restrictions are from the card issuers, I should have worded that better. But Medical bills seem more under the radar so they may still be viable through plastiq.

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Re: Using Venmo to hit a sub?

@Jatyro91 wrote:

Thank you for all of your responses. I didn't know it was considered MS (or even what MS was). This is one of the reasons I asked on here before just proceeding with it. I will find a way to organically hit the spend, or cry myself to sleep at night.




But in all seriousness, the main issue I'm having is that I was not given a 0% intro APR. However, I still have a 0% APR (and BT) on my FU. Would it be alright to hit the spend then BT the balance to my FU? If so, I could do a lot of what was mentioned (Taxes, paying bills in advance, etc). I just don't have the disposal income to do some of the other things mentioned (such as making donations).

There's probably some confusion somewhere. IIRC CSP has never had a public 0% intro APR promotion since the card was released, and same is likely true for any travel card.


I'd head over to sites like DOC which probably has a long list of suggested ways of organic spending for SUB from which you might draw some inspiration.


If after that you still would like to take advantage of a 0% BT card, as others have said, you need to sign up another one from another bank.

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Re: Using Venmo to hit a sub?

In all honesty, I had this a lot better planned when I initially applied. Our household income is about 80k and typically I’d have no issue hitting that kind of spend organically (but not frivolously). Then, as usual, life happened. The $500 a month I mentioned is for an out of network medical doctor for my wife who is also incapable of working now (dropping our household income from 80 to 60) so I appreciate all the suggestions made.

I mainly got the card because I do travel for work. So, I can put the expenses on my card and get reimbursed for the charges all while earning the points. Outside of this use, I wouldn’t have the type of spend to support an AF card.

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