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Hello, I am 18, brand new to credit. I wanted to get a credit card, and long story short I accidentally got two: A Capital One Journey with a $300 limit and a Discover It with a $500 limit. I just got my Cap One in the mail and made my first purchase. I just want to know what the best way to maximize my credit score is in terms of balances reporting. My statement cut date for cap one is on 3/11 and the due date is on 4/8. Should I let one of these cards report zero balance and the other between 1-9% as I have read here? How do I know when to make payments to make sure a higher balance won't report? Will it really hurt my score that much? I'm not in the market for any auto or home loans for at least 5-7 years, but in August I will be taking out some federal student loans. I just want to start my credit out on the right foot! Thank you!

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Re: Utilization

You're on the right track.  I'd let one report $0 and the other between 1-9% of your total utilization.


I have both cards (CapOne and Discover IT).  For both, once you get the email that your statement is available, they report within a couple of days and it takes the bureaus a couple more days to reflect the new balances (EX is always fastest for me).  I recently called Discover to ask about this.  My statement date is the 23rd of each month.  They advised to have my balance that I want reported to show in my account no later than the 20th for reporting purposes (ACH payment takes a couple of days to clear and update your balance right before reporting).  Once you get your "statement available" email, you can use the card again until that '3 days before date" the following month.  Same way with both CapOne cards.  If you ever need a manual push for any reason (off cycle reporting), Discover will gladly oblige.  CapOne, no chance.  LOL.  Hope this makes sense.


Good luck and I wish you the best.  

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Re: Utilization

If I had to do it over, I would keep my cards at less than 20% utilization. I always have paid no less than twice the minimum when payment is due. I only just today came under 20%, when  capital one gave me a big increase. good luck, stay on top of your credit. your credit worthiness means a great deal to it a job, employer, bank, landlord, rich girlfriend's snooping daddy... lol u get the point

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