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VISA Barclays "Black Card"

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Re: VISA Barclays "Black Card"

I am almost positive I could take a picture of black cardboard, upload it to capitol one as a card design and come out with some thing similar. The only real differences would be in the af, and material the card is made out of..I will keep my $476 though maybe but a metal sleeve i dunno

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Re: VISA Barclays "Black Card"

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I was looking at the points I earned with my Chase Sapphire Preferred this statement and even with the 2x and 3x on dining with CSP I would have made more points with Visa Black Card, all my points are generally for subsidized flights


I don't see myself using Ultimate Rewards for shopping too much, and I'm sure Barclays has some kind of similar thing

That's comparing apples and hand grenades though. The points earned on the Black Card are very different from Chase UR points; the latter can be transferred to travel partners and redeemed for 4+ cents each in many cases. Meanwhile, Black Card points are worth 1 cent each, or 2 cents when redeemed for travel. So, when optimized properly, that basically makes the Black Card a 2% cash back travel card... with a $495 annual fee and a mediocre lounge program. The Barclay Arrival card is much better IMO if you're looking for cash back given the lower AF and better redemption ratio.

thanks for the perspective, I'm done with contemplating it



Are you sure?  It seems *blingy* enough for the cashiers...LOL  







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Re: VISA Barclays "Black Card"

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