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Varying APR for Citi cards

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Varying APR for Citi cards



I opened my Citi Double Cash CC about a month ago and it's APR was at 18.49%
The Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select I just received, has an APR of 24.49?
Is there a reason for the wide disparity between the 2 cards?

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Re: Varying APR for Citi cards

Different underwriting most likely. With Amex, i have some lower end aprs at the begining but my last 2 approvals have basicslly given me 25-26% aprs sll with 750 fico scores so go figure. I also pif with them so maybe they factor that in, maybe not. 

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Re: Varying APR for Citi cards

Different UW standards and potentially bc you have opened 2 cards with them in past month.

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Re: Varying APR for Citi cards

As mentioned upthread OP, the pricing is typically set based on a variety of factors including your overall credit profile.  So, yes, even a month can make a difference in the APR spread.


What I would recommend is, over the course of the next several months, just reach out to them to see if the account qualifies for a lower APR on that card (or the other one if that matters).  Citi is typically very flexible (like Discover for example) with lowering the standard APR over time as long as your account remains in good standing.

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Re: Varying APR for Citi cards

I got a great rate on my DC card.  19.24%. It used to be higher. Thanks to the recent interest rate cuts, I'm under 20%. Pretty pumped.


When I opened the card in 2001, my rate started at 11.99%.

Scores, HPs/24 mos. (updated 01/13/21):
    Experian FICO Score 8 = 828, 1/24
    Experian FICO Score 9 = 813, 1/24
   TransUnion = 811, 1/24
    Equifax = 813, 0/24

Total 2020 rewards, incl. offers/deals = $1,388.00

Total CL: $247,000

Cards (hover over for CL | interest rate | Date Opened):
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Re: Varying APR for Citi cards

First of all: 

airline credit cards are generally the HIGHEST interest rates credit cards. 


the current Citi double cash back publicly offered variable APRs are: 



the advantage American Airlines platinum select is:


I've learned an APR can sometimes be 'possibly' with my experiences as a consumer could have been possibly  determined by the following: 


*Your current credit score at the time,

*Past credit history with that company 

such as but not limited to the following--- 

paid in time? In full? No missed payments/late or returned payments? 

*your credit profile mix 


*bankruptcy history 



*amount of money you've spent with the company in the past

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Re: Varying APR for Citi cards

My Rewards+ card was originally a Diamond Preferred card opened in 2016 with an APR of 12.24%.  When I opened my Citi Premier, my credit score was like 40 points higher and my utilization was much better, but they gave me 25.49%.  APRs can be a real mystery sometimes; fortunately Citi will often lower them if you chat with them and your profile warrants it.

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