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Venture 1 or QS?

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Re: Venture 1 or QS?

QS for sure.

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Re: Venture 1 or QS?

As others have said, I would definitely take the QS over the Venture 1. Honestly I'd take the QS over the regular Venture.

Venture cards in both of their forms are nothing but cash back cards with limited redemption options for full value and the miles don't transfer at a 1:1 ratio...and the regular Venture has a $95 annual fee. I think the QS/QS1 best both of those cards.
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Re: Venture 1 or QS?

I would choose Quicksilver over Venture One.

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Re: Venture 1 or QS?

@Shooting-For-800 wrote:

QS is a solid card.

V1 is Cap One’s worst card IMO.


Yeap!   The only move with a V or V1 is:   QS1 -->  V1  --> QS to abolish the $39 AF (expect this to take up to six months to achieve w/ spending)


And that is only if:   QS1 --> QS is not available (which is a tough nut to crack)

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