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Re: Venture

i have 660, 673, and 677 and denied for QS lol.
i am on mobile so i don't see your desktop signatures
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Re: Venture

yeah I think ill wait a bit longer.

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Re: Venture

I just got approved for a venture for 10K, and I have several student loan baddies from 2009. Also, my utilization was extremely high, in the 90% range, on my other credit cards. So, you never know...........

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Re: Venture

I got approved for Venture today. Have baddies from 6 years ago. Try their prequal site. If you see a Venture with a specific APR, then it's almost assured they will approve at that APR.




FICO EQ: 762, TU: 760, EX: 765.
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Re: Venture

What were your scores? and what is your highets credit line?

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Re: Venture

Here's what I'll say about CO:  I've never seen a company so forgiving and willing to grow with you as your financial situation improves and as you show continued responsible use on their cards.

Brief history:  Ch. 7 bankruptcy discharged 3 years ago after financial devestation from the recession.  Current FICO scores 648-655.  Current annual income is 6 figures.

My experience with Cap One and the Venture card goes like this:  CO immediately gave me a platinum MC with a low SL after my ch.7 discharge.  That card is now a QS One with a $4,000 CL.  I've put a lot of use on that card in the past 3 years and PIF with multiple payments per month.  In June of this year, I checked out the prequal site and was prequalified for the Venture card.  I applied with instant approval with $20,000 SL and 17.9% APR.  Just a few days ago, barely 2 months after opening the card, I hit the luv button and was granted a $10,000 CLI on that card for a total limit of $30,000 on the Venture card.  I've been doing the same with the Venture card as with my QS One (tons of use, multiple payments, and always PIF).  

Also, about 3 weeks ago, I applied for the Venture One and regular QS back-to-back.  Received instant approval on both.  Venture One $10k, QS VS $5k.  

I'd say could have a decent chance, but then again who knows.  CO is strange in that I've seen people with a much better credit profile than mine get rejected for the Venture Card.

Good luck and hopefully this just gives you another data point to consider!

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Re: Venture

antonyz wrote:
Has anyone gotten a venture with charge off and collections? My score are 650s across the board, but I have charge offs and collections from 2012. These are my current cards at 10% utilization
Quicksilver1 2000
Quicksilver1 1300
Freedom 1200
Credit one 600
Care Credit 3000
Amex authorized user 9000

How long have you had the QuicksilverOne cards? What is your usage / payment pattern? How heavily do you use and then how fast do you pay these two cards?

Those are decent limits on those Capital One cards, and so even with 650's I'd say you are probably a lock for a Venture, at $5k.

Even if you decide to wait, I'd start using those cards often, paying in full each month, to build up your reputation with Capital One.

High Bal Jan 2009 $116k on $146k limits 80% Util.
Oct 2014 $46k on $127k 36% util EQ 722 TU 727 EX 727
April 2018 $18k on $344k 5% util EQ 806 TU 810 EX 812

Delta Reserve and CSP Jan 2018, no more 5/24 worries... unless new Chase Marriott/SPG replacement is enticing...meh, turns out not.
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