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VentureOne app itch advise anyone?

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VentureOne app itch advise anyone?

my last pull was in november (4 mo.) recent (1yr) HQ:  ex: 3 tu: 4 eq: 6


any thoughts? advise? i am sooo wanting this card. cardmatch keeps bringing this card up as the top card match for me. and i want this card sooo bad. i haven't had a cap one yet and i think it is time. but i dont' press the credit button until it is prime for me to push it.

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Re: VentureOne app itch advise anyone?

Do you prefer the AF  or no AF version

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Re: VentureOne app itch advise anyone?

you have to remember that Cap One pulls all 3 bureaus.  I believe they require an "excellent" credit history for this card.  If it were me, I'd make sure my scores were 750+ before pulling the trigger.  Others might wanna chime in too...

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Re: VentureOne app itch advise anyone?

When applying with Cap One for prime cards, it's important to be at one's best in order to get a good initial credit line. Cap One doesn't seem to grow with you as much as others. In fact, obtaining CLI has been described by many on here as difficult (read: impossible).


My EQ score was in the mid 760s with no inquiries when I applied for and obtained a No Hassle Cash Rew. They gave me a very generous CL of $7500. I can live with that even if it will never go up. It's good. It's substantial. It's all I need for what I charge on this card (a few hundred bucks each month).


I'd recommend that you let all of your inquiries age to at least 12 months and then apply. Make sure, your utilization is good, too. If you apply now, you might be approved with a smaller CL than when you apply with the parameters I mentioned in good shape.

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Re: VentureOne app itch advise anyone?

i am waiting for my amex to update with transunion before i make a decision. my credit file still makes my amex look like its still jan 10. sigh.

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Re: VentureOne app itch advise anyone?

I went to update yet again, and still no changes to Amex! Sigh...
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Re: VentureOne app itch advise anyone?

There is a pretty nifty offer for the regular Venture card, something about matching miles from another program.  You should check it out.

My favorite card right now: Fidelity Investment Rewards Visa Signature
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Re: VentureOne app itch advise anyone?

The AF venture card is a much better choice since you get a full 2 miles per dollar instead of 1.25 AND you get the bonus miles referred to above.  The annual fee is waived for the first year so the bonus at least pays for the annual fee for year 2 and a good chunk of year 3.  


There is a mathematically correct way of determining if the AF is worth it or not.  If this will be your main card, then it probably is.  If you don't plan on having the card open for more than 3 years, then it definitely is.  

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Re: VentureOne app itch advise anyone?

Cap one pulled all 3 bureaus for me, but sent me a letter stating my Experian FICO score and informed me that if approved I would receive the card in 3-7 business days (even though I was approved instantly online).  


Scores were 745 EX, 750ish EQ, and 745 TU (I think overall util was around 20-25%)


I had at least 2 inquiries on EQ and 2 on TU at time of application, but none on EX.


Given nice 15,000 CL, but horrible APR of 19.9


I have the AF card and I'm digging the miles.  Rewards update within 2-3 business days and 10,000 mile bonus was given within 2 business days of spending 1,000.


***If you're somewhere near my situation, and you need/want the card, I say go for it.*** The power is yours.

2/15/2011 TU: 773 ~ EQ: 780
8/15/2011 TU: 766 ~ EQ: 783 ~ EX: 753 (psecu)
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