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Venue Card?

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Not sure if this will help at all, but do yourself a favor and do NOT get a venue card. i bought a Sony Vaio with the same "pre-approved" packet. the laptop was 1: about 6 months out of date 2: about $600 overpriced 3: came from germany, and was completely in German when i got it 3: the box had already been oppened.  also, venue is backed by World Financial Capital Bank ( google some forums on that if you want a real scare!) pretty much they send out a bunch of pre approved flyers to people with less than perfect credit. you miss ONE payment and your interest rate jumps through the roof. also, i joined the military in april. there is an act calle the sailor and soldiers relief act, which states any prior engagements as far as credit cards go, are to be made to have a ceiling rate of 6 percent. i faxed over the paper work 3 times. the third time they finally accepted it, but would only retro-date the interest rate to september, when they are required to retro-date the interest rate to 6 percent, starting on the day you join. to put it lightly, i bought a $1,700 laptop, and over a year later i still owe about $1,300 on it. They really like to call you a lot to remind you they owe you money.. i used to get 2 calls a day.. usually around 5am, then around 9pm. if you look into it, im almost posative there are restrictions on the hours bill collectors are allowed to call. pretty much, venue gives people with bad credit overpriced merchandise that is garbage, knowing that about 75 percent of those people will default on at least 1 payment, and then they refuse to work with you.

i hope this helps you out, i wouldnt want this to happen to anyone else. this is definately NOT the way to build your credit... in fact, i can no longer get a loan for ANYTHING.

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I got the Venue card back when it first was introduced through a pre-approval.  I bought a DVD Surround System on 6 months same as cash and paid it off in 4 months and had no issues.  I believe the Venue product line and credit card have since been closed.  I have nothing bad to say about the program, it's very similar to other store card interest rates and the 0% works like all other 0%, if it's not paid off within that time frame you pay all back interest and if you miss payment all interest will be billed... I don't know why people always scream about such terms like they are cheating you, pay your bill on time and off before the time period and you won't have issues.
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Seems like the website is shut down now?
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