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Von Maur CLI - sorta

Epic Contributor

Von Maur CLI - sorta

Called today, current CL $300, with balance of $311 (made purchase couple weeks ago) Let her pull TU and she would not increase the CL but she is allowing me to make a $500 purchase... I don't really get it but whatever, they tend to only care about payments and this is first time I have used in over a year.  They are very conservitive until you continue to use it a lot.


Should mention also it has no interest or fees ever and it is a charge card like Amex, so CL is internal and it just posts balance on CR like Amex... Min. is like 30% of balance or something unless you do contract which is any single transaction over $500 spread over 10 months.  That's what I wanted the CLI for... Jewelry.

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