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Von Maur Charge CL?

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Re: Von Maur Charge CL?

lucasg186 wrote:

We have one of these stores coming to GA.  I'd never heard of them before.  It looks like it's getting close to opening - I can't wait to check it out and maybe apply for their card.

They have the nicest associates of any department store I've ever been too.  Just be ready to pay what I call the 'Von Maur' premium.  But, they also have great sales every once in a while too.  I really don't know of anyone who doesn't like VM.

About $215,000 total credit among 11 cards
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Re: Von Maur Charge CL?

Associates are very nice

no interest credit card

no fees on credit card for being late or anything... my friend defaulted, a year later went back and paid the balance and they opened the card back up to charging!

Free UPS Shipping

Free Gift Wrap

10 month equal payment contracts for I believe any order over $500.

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