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WF CLI success

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WF CLI success

My best card, a WF Platinum with a $5,000 CL and 10.99% fixed, was paid down to about $230 last month. The statement closed yesterday, so I called in to get a replacement card, and asked about a CLI. the CSR said it was a soft inquiry, and asked my income and housing expenses. He said I can request a certain amount and the computer may respond with a counter.


I asked for a $3500 CLI and it responded with a $1500. Better than nothing I suppose, 30% increase, not too bad looking at it that way. I've had the card a little over 3 years, have never asked for a CLI and never received one.


Just thought I'd share.


P.S. On this same day I got a letter back from my GW on my WF Edu loans. Denied. Guess they had to keep things balanced :-)


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Re: WF CLI success

Good job! Not sure if you saw my post last week, but I did the same thing. They asked how much and I said $1000 because I only had a $2200 limit. Instant success. Some people were worried that it would be a hard pull because most CSRs don't know. I pulled a report yesterday with my CRM and there was not a hard pull. I have had mine for about 3 years and didn't think they would do $1000 because they just unsecured it in September.

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