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Re: WFNNB CC w/o HP?

I have a current offer for VS that pops up when I go to their site (for $750), I also tried Express and got an offer, so I went over to Lane Bryant and proceeded to do the same thing, make an account, put something in my cart, and nothing popped up.  It very well could be that that site doesnt allow for preapprovals.

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Re: WFNNB CC w/o HP?

I don't think the LB site allows for pre approvals like the other WFNNB sites.

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Re: WFNNB CC w/o HP?

Hmm. Bummer. I was hoping to get the card w/o a HP. I think I'll wait on the card. I'm just super careful about inq, which apparently has paid off so far. Maybe I'll app around the holidays. Smiley Happy


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