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WFNNB - Express won't budge! - UPDATE!!!!! What a surprise!!!

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Re: WFNNB - Express won't budge!

CK_Charles_Lover wrote:

Told you TeeandDee Smiley Happy


You sure did!!!Smiley Happy

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Re: WFNNB - Express won't budge! - UPDATE!!!!! What a surprise!!!

jla84 wrote:

I'm having this same problem with my Lane Bryant card! They gave me a $100 initial CL, which is ridiculous! I've had the card for a year and they refuse to budge. Though I've used it about 6 times, and only have 4 statements now because they won't generate a statement if you pay it off before the statement cuts. 


After my 4th statement with my Avenue card (with a more than decent limit of $750), they auto CLI'd me, so I'm hoping that is what LB will do. Although my 4th statement was just generated today and there still is no increase. Should I patiently wait to see what happens after the 5th statement, or should I request a CLI? 

I feel your fustration!  That "no statment" if you pay in full before the statement drives me nuts!  As MYFICO friends on here encouraged me yesterday, hang in there! I know that a trip coming from me after my melt down yesterday...LMBO!!  But hang in there until your 6th statement.  I attempted at my 4th statement, then again YESTERDAYSmiley Very Happy on the phone and was denied.  Then I wake up this morning to check online for a statment since I should have one this month because I let a balance report, and wham..CLI.  I'm not sure if the denial yesterday was because they already had the increase in the works in their system etc...  So maybe wait for your 6th statement to cut, see if the do an auto, and if they do not, I'd call in or request one online.

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