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WFNNB - Express won't budge! - UPDATE!!!!! What a surprise!!!

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Re: WFNNB - Express won't budge!

CK_Charles_Lover wrote:

I have 3 of their accounts not in my siggy. They started my Jcrew out with $300 I was so mad I almost told them to shove it. Within 8 months it was $1200. I still only get 200 CLI at a time with them. But they are around 2600 each now, and that only been 2 years or less. So just be patient I know its hard. But it will pay off, trust me. 

Okay, I see the picture clearer now....thanks! You are right, I have to have patience.  It's soo darn hard, but I'm going to hang in there.  Smiley Happy 

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Re: WFNNB - Express won't budge!

SwampSystems wrote:

Just a consideration -- not enough experience/history at current limit refers to usage as well as time, so if you're not showing usage of your current limit, it probably won't matter how much time passes.

True point, but I've been using it...haven't gone a month yet without using it! LOL!! I love that store! LOL!  But I have to say, you all have helped me to chill out because I think my expectations were a bit too high.  But now reading how they have increaesed all of you some what slowly made me see they are not quick to jump amd BAM give you $1,000...LOL!   That's why I love this forum!  

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Re: WFNNB - Express won't budge!

I hate when WFNNB does not generate a statement if you prepay.   So I always leave something to get a statement.   But they still know how much your usage is so I don't think it matters at all w.r.t usage.


I think you need to wait some more.   My usage is not high, I shop about every 3 months.   I asked for CLI at 13 months and then every 5 or 6 months thereafter.   3 Approvals, no denials.


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Re: WFNNB - Express won't budge!

Their Cli formula is 9 months for the first customer request cli and then you can request every 3months read on another forum I have tested and it works for me

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Re: WFNNB - Express won't budge!

Signed on this morning and surprise surprise.....they gave me an auto CLI!!!  Went from $250 to $980.  They must have felt my pain finally! LOL!!!!!!!!  One day after I was denied when I called in for one...wierd huh?  But I'll take it!  

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Re: WFNNB - Express won't budge!


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Re: WFNNB - Express won't budge!

I decided to take a chance and hit the CLI button. Instant $200 cli. Not as much as I was hoping for but better than nothing.Smiley Very Happy

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Re: WFNNB - Express won't budge!

Told you TeeandDee Smiley Happy


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Re: WFNNB - Express won't budge! - UPDATE!!!!! What a surprise!!!

I'm having this same problem with my Lane Bryant card! They gave me a $100 initial CL, which is ridiculous! I've had the card for a year and they refuse to budge. Though I've used it about 6 times, and only have 4 statements now because they won't generate a statement if you pay it off before the statement cuts. 


After my 4th statement with my Avenue card (with a more than decent limit of $750), they auto CLI'd me, so I'm hoping that is what LB will do. Although my 4th statement was just generated today and there still is no increase. Should I patiently wait to see what happens after the 5th statement, or should I request a CLI? 

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Re: WFNNB - Express won't budge! - UPDATE!!!!! What a surprise!!!


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