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WFNNB - Lane Bryant CLI

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WFNNB - Lane Bryant CLI

I've had this card since 2007... the only one that made it through my 2 yr lay off unscathed.  lol


Opened with $200 limit after previous charge off.

Unexpected auto CLI to $550 last year, found out on a trip to Vegas when I stopped at a LB store (there are none in MT).


After seeing the recent posts about WFNNB I decided to take a chance and request another CLI online yesterday - got 7-10 day message.  Only information requested was annual income which is $5k higher than it was with the last CLI.  I logged in today to check and they bumped me $200 to a $750 CL with no hard pull.  :-)  Currently there are 2 30 day lates on the history... one in 2008 coinciding with my job loss and one in 02/2010 coinciding with my move from California to Montana for my new job.  It's not a huge increase, but I'll take it.  lol  If I decide to drive the 5 hrs or so to the nearest store or grab a cheap round trip flight to Vegas for a weekend shopping trip at least I can get enough to make the trip worth it.  lol


I don't use the card often... usually only 2-3 times per year.  But when I do, I max it out.  Now, if I can just get an Avenue or Maurice's card... Supposedly the parent company of Maurice's has recently bought out Charming Shoppes which owns LB, Fashion Bug, Catherines, Cacique, and I think one other... got that info from a store manager when I was in a Maurice's last week.

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Re: WFNNB - Lane Bryant CLI

Congrats and thanks for the info! I've had my card for 1 year and 1 month and they still have me at a $100 CL. Smiley Mad I'm going to wait for my 6th statement and if I don't get an auto CLI, I'll call one in. Keeping me at $100 makes it very very hard for me to shop! Meanwhile Avenue gave me $750 right off the bat and then auto CLI $140 after my 4th statement. Both are WFNNB so I don't understand why the two cards are so different! Smiley Frustrated

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Re: WFNNB - Lane Bryant CLI



In 2006 I opened a Lane Bryant charge and in 2008 when the economy crashed and I was graduating college only to find no full time jobs that paid more than minium wage.  I hit a financial wall and long story short I ended up having to settle my credit card debit  since I was a couple of months past due, and no forseable change in the near future.  So in March 2008 Lane Bryant offered me a settlement offer for $350 (I owed almost $500 including fees for being past due).  I agreed and paid the debt with my tax refund.  


My problem is now in 2012 I find out they have been showing me CURRENTLY as of AUG 2012, 120+ days past due with a $0 balance (four years after the debt was settled and paid).   Anyone with a brain should be able to tell, you can't be past due when you no longer owe any money.  They even show $0 balance current for approximately 9 months after I paid them off then for no reason in July of 2009 they reported 30 days late, Aug 2009 60 days, Sept. 2009 90 days, and so forth.  


For the past 4 years I have been perfect with my only remaining debt of house and student loans (both taken before 2008) and I have paid off every other debt.  I applied for a Graduate school loan and was declined because of being CURRENTLY 90+ DAY PAST DUE.  


I have contacted the company and they said that is just the way they report it and since it was a settlement nothing can be done.  They even refused to let me pay the couple of hundred dollars just to get it off my report as a currently debt, but they said since it shows a current balance of $0 they can't do that.  I know this is not the correct way to report a settlement since in the same year I ended up settling with 2 other credit cards and they show that I was past due back in 2008 but no more history since then.  


I have filed disputes with all the credit reporting agency but they have to check with the company instead of just understanding the information in front of them.  $0 balance can not be currently owed. Woman Frustrated


Since most placese go solely on the report # and don't actually think about what it is saying I have had several problems.  Last year I was having issues being bonded for work and I thought it was due to my poor history from 2008 but i didn't realize they have been reporting me CURRENTLY PAST DUE. 

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Re: WFNNB - Lane Bryant CLI

This is exactly what is happening to me! i only owed 250 dollars and settled for 133 dollars back in july 2010 i am now still dealling with this today and i cant even find the number to get ahold of the bank or try and do anything its so annoying!

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Re: WFNNB - Lane Bryant CLI

Grats on your CLI Smiley Happy

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Re: WFNNB - Lane Bryant CLI

ashuphaus wrote:

This is exactly what is happening to me! i only owed 250 dollars and settled for 133 dollars back in july 2010 i am now still dealling with this today and i cant even find the number to get ahold of the bank or try and do anything its so annoying!

WFNNB no longer has Lane Bryant, they are now owned by Comenity.   Check the sticky thread for back door numbers.

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Re: WFNNB - Lane Bryant CLI

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