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WFNNB account open but not really?

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WFNNB account open but not really?

had a victoria's secret card that they closed due to my bad credit back in 2009 or 2010. it's reported as open on my CR.


it had a couple of lates and they didn't respond to a GW so i figured i'd dispute it as a closed account with EQ but it came back verified. no big deal since now that i know better i want to keep it on my CR, but why would they report an account as open when it's not? i asked for a replacement card via snail mail and didn't get a response for that either.

Starting Score: EQ FICO 588 EX FICO 587 TU FICO 588
Current Score: EQ FICO 660 EX FICO 642 TU FICO 606
Goal Score: 680
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