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webhopper wrote:

MountainHiker wrote:

I'm on the NFCU site checking out the various cards on offer.My question is, which one to go after? I want a card with a low interest rate and rewards such as rental car insurance coverage,cash back rewards.Which one do you recommend? My credit scores are about 694 EQ but I do have one 2 year old collection on my file that falls off in march.

I think you should go for the Cash Rewards Visa.  If you are approved for an amount greater than 5k you will get the signature version of the card.  If not you can wait 6 months or so and ask for a CLI and a card upgrade to the signature card.

The cashback is easy to redeem and you can start redeeming when your cash back balance reaches $20 or more.

The interest rate can be very competitive.  Mine was lowered to 12.65% in September of this year.


You start earning 1.5% cash after 10k in spend, prior to that, you earn a 1% cash back on everything.


Disputing a charge is easy with NFCU.  I had a Canadian vendor try to double charge me back in June,  NFCU took care of it with just one secure message sent from me from the secure message center.


The Signature card design is also very cool with a metallic looking green glove against a dark green matte finish background.  A huge improvement over the regular Visa card design.


Overall, the Cash Rewards card gets 3 thumbs up in my book!


+1 I agree that their cash rewards is the best card with them. It is my everyday card. And after $10k in purchase in a yr, your rewards go up to 1.5%. 


Webhopper, how did you get your % reduced? They told me that I'd need to app and get a HP to do the. But then they tell me that for everything. Smiley Happy



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