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WOW....GEMB/WAL-Mart reports fast

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WOW....GEMB/WAL-Mart reports fast

I was just approved for a Wal-Mart store card on Tuesday and today is Thursday and the acct is already appearing on my Experian report. 


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Re: WOW....GEMB/WAL-Mart reports fast

GEMB always reports quickly.  I opened a Discover Card on January 28th that just started reporting yesterday.  I opened a GEMB/Amazon card on Feb 15, and it began reporting on the 17th.

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Re: WOW....GEMB/WAL-Mart reports fast

yeah Gemb is extremely fast to report,  both of my gemb cards reported even before i recieved the card. lol

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Re: WOW....GEMB/WAL-Mart reports fast

Is Citi really slow approved for a Home Depot card on the 3rd and nothing on my report and no card in the Mail box?

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