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WOW...WFFNB (the Limited Card) is awesome

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WOW...WFFNB (the Limited Card) is awesome

The only 30 day late that I have in the past 3 years was on my Limited Card.  And it was a stupid oversight over a $10.00 bill that I thought had been paid.  Well I just called them today and they told me that as a ONE TIME curtosey they would have it removed from the Credit Bureau's!!!!!!!!!!!!  The gal did it while I was on the phone.  Now, I wonder if my score will increase at all??/  What do you folks think will my score increase with this 30 day late deleted????


 It was from June of 09.  IF only Cap One were this niceSmiley Surprised

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Re: WOW...WFFNB (the Limited Card) is awesome

nice man congrats. That is great that they did that for you. The damage from a thirty day late two years ago wouldnt be that bad.

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Re: WOW...WFFNB (the Limited Card) is awesome

--but if it was your only late, you now have squeaky clean reports, and if it was one of several (or many, lol), you now have one less TL with a negative. That can help scores, too.


At any rate, congrats! I bad-mouthed them a lot early on due to reporting problems, but after they removed my lates (including a 60) without a blink, I love them.

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