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WaMu/Chase AA question

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WaMu/Chase AA question

We had an old, old, old, old CU checking account that was COed about 4-5 years ago. That TL just ... disappeared magically off our CRs (both mine and DH's) about 4 months ago. Since we didn't WANT it on there, we didn't question it.

Now, in their update to EX, they *replaced* our current auto loan TL with the COed checking account TL. So, now our car loan looks like it was charged off (since our CU uses the same d@mned account number for both loans and accounts)!

So my question is this: Since we have WaMu (in AWESOME standing -- never late, pay durn nigh in full every month) and WaMu's switching to Chase do we stand to face AA because of the way it's reporting NOW and once they update EX to include BOTH the car loan AND the COed checking account?

We've worked so hard to build our credit ... I just don't want to hear that it's reappearance on our CRs is going to kill us!!



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Re: WaMu/Chase AA question

I don't know that there's anything you can do to get lucky twice with the CO'd account not reporting, but I'd get going on the incorrect car loan reporting immediately. That's a current account, if I'm reading it right, and I think you'd want to have it showing as clean.
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