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WaMu pre-approval

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Re: WaMu pre-approval

I already have a wamu mc with 2k limit and they keep sending me more pre-approvals.. 6 months after I opened the first card. Wonder if they allow 2... or its just some glitch in their system.
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Re: WaMu pre-approval

same here, and i too wondered why...  as far as i can tell it was for the exact same card that i already had.  i continued to receive the preapprovals even after i closed the cc.  perhaps it is just  a disconnect with whatever dept or third party sends out the preapps.


i'd be willing to bet if i had tried to apply i would have received one of those 'too many wamu cards' type denial reasons but i never pursued it with cs to find out for sure.

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Re: WaMu pre-approval

I got a wamu card last june with a $4,5000 limit. Then after they were bought out by Chase they started sending pre-approval everyday for a second card, so I applied and was approved in october for a card with a $2,000 limit, 0% on balance transers till January 2010. Also they raised the limit on my first visa with them to a $5,500 limit. I haven't even used the first visa, for anything except a $3,000 transfer to the card.
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Re: WaMu pre-approval

Hello All,


I received four different letters stating pre-approved . . . I recently went on line applied and was approved w/4500 CL.  Wild?  Filed BK n/03', but it was dismissed because I decided to pay instead.  Really started rebuilding n/06' from the suggestions taken from these forums. 


As you know, I have a couple of CO, which should come off n/12 to 18 mos.  I was also recently approved through CapOne for 18k (auto loan), I had two CC previously charged off w/CapOne --- but I paid, and they showed PAID. I haven't received the WaMu card yet, but I am very happy about the possibilities of home ownership next year.  Target . . . 720 - 740 w/n 12 mos.


Hotpoint . . .


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