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Wal Mart 24-48 hours ??

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Re: Wal Mart 24-48 hours ??

Wow! Thankss! What a weath of info that thread is! Thanks, again!
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Re: Wal Mart 24-48 hours ??

rycoop wrote:
I agree Concorduser!! Stupid WalMart. Smiley Happy Soooo... I wonder how hard it is to get a Sears card. Someone told me it was hard and that they decline A LOT... I don't want the sears Mastercard.. I just want to get a store card TL so I can try to get my scores up. Does anyone know who sears pulls and what your score needs to be?


My personal experience is that the sears store card is just as hard to get as the sears mastercard.  I have been trying to get a sears card for 20 years and it is a no go.  I have recently come to the realization that I am not getting one Smiley Sad   But, That's ok! I bound back quickly and am over it, besides it is their loss, alot of stores make good money off me, sears will not get that opportunity !!!!!   Smiley Very Happy



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