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Wal-Mart And Target Store Cards!!!


Wal-Mart And Target Store Cards!!!

Hello My Wife Has Been Killing Me For Store Cards Cause She Shops At Wal-Mart And Target Like 2 Times A Week And Instead Of Useing Cash I Said Let Me Use Credit

So I Tryed For Target Online And Said 7-10 Something In The Mail And I Didnt Wanna Try Wal-Mart But Christmas Is Right Around The Conor So I Could Use The Credit

And I Tryed And Said You Been Appoved!!! Credit Line Of $400 Dollers Not High But I Been Seeing On Here People Get CLI Alot From Wal-Mart And I Got 2 Other Credits On Report On Credit Yet!! Is That Bad!!! 1 From Capital One $500 And Credit One $300 Didnt Want Credit One But My Dad Says It Helps Credit So!! What Ever And I Know About The High Fee's And My Credit Limts Are All Maxed Out Right Now From The Wife!!! Hate Her lol My Uti% is 71 I Know High All Cards Need To Be Paid Off

Waiting After Christmas To Get My Bonus And Pay Off Everything Should I Call And Recon Wal-Mart For $750-$1000 Limt I Could Use It 



Sorry For The Long Typing ... o Got 12 inqs When Applyed I Know Alot I Am Gonna Cut Off Cards After Christmas LOl And No More Applyin For 2-3 Years 

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Re: Wal-Mart And Target Store Cards!!!

Congrats on the new cards.  Pay that util down as soon as you can!  Good luck!

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Re: Wal-Mart And Target Store Cards!!!

You could always try.  I don't recall the backdoor number but it was posted on here somewhere I think.  I called after having my card for 3 months and they doubled my limit.  It is through GE and I have another card through GE too, Belks.  It started at a $200 limit and I have actually never used it.  I called and asked for a CLI and they gave me $800.  I thought that was funny, since I have never used the card and they raised it 4 times it's limit.  Walmart card was only doubled, from 500 to 1000, but hey whatever.  I don't really use the card often I just have it there to reduce util and for reporting. 


If you do try with Walmart tell them you want to take advantage of the 0.0% interest offer for a large purchase and give them a dollar amount of something like $1649.  It probably won't really matter unless the amount is close to what they offer you. 

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Re: Wal-Mart And Target Store Cards!!!


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Re: Wal-Mart And Target Store Cards!!!

Congrats and I will see you in the garden! Smiley Happy

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Re: Wal-Mart And Target Store Cards!!!

Congrats, But Caps Much?  That Post Was Brutal To Read.

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