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Wal Mart

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Wal Mart

What cs should I be looking at before applying for a walmart card? Thank You
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Re: Wal Mart

You would want your TU score to be around 600, over 620 is optimal I believe.

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Re: Wal Mart

Seems that they usually pull TU...


Check out:

12/28 EX 745( FAKO)
12/28 DCU 742 FICO
12/28 WM TU 796 FICO
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Re: Wal Mart

Any idea as to where a TU score sets in relation to EQ and EXP? Thanks
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Re: Wal Mart

ktm214 wrote:
Any idea as to where a TU score sets in relation to EQ and EXP? Thanks

There's no set variance, each bureau's model treats different profiles uniquely.  TU tends to be my middle score.


I agree with Shogun, 600 minimum, 620 optimum.  680 or so I think could get the Discover version.

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Re: Wal Mart

When I applied I had a GE product (PP smart connect), they pulled TU which was around 726 at the time. My Util was 3% and only had 1 30 day late as a negative (other than an inquiry from a loan in may).


Beware of applying with a short history, high util and too many inquiries. I have seen 2 family members get declined for too many inquiries (3-5), short credit history (6-8 months) and high util (over 50%).


On the other hand, PP instant approved me for $300 even though I had a 30 day late the month prior that had already reported and only had another account with extremely high util (85%!). So that is another option for a card that grows with you and is lenient with approvals.

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Negs on report: 1 30 day late aged 3 years
5 inquiries
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