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Wally store card to Discover

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Re: Wally store card to Discover

I wonder how much the FICO they provide goes into the 'upgrade' equation. Since they already  provide it anyway. Maybe they check it and if your score is above a certain threshold, you get the offer?

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Re: Wally store card to Discover

Mekitcat wrote:

It showed the card as orange. I really hope that it is!! I like it. I always thought you would see the offer on your account to upgrage but I guess I was wrong. It says I will get it in about 60 days thats along time! But it will be worth it I guess Smiley Happy



I saw the offer a little less than a month ago when i was checking my TU FICO and it appeared. Card for about a year and a half...4K Limit, I only had about 1600 on the last card. I like this one, but i want a real Discover and they keep denying me Smiley Sad


This one only has 1% cash back....What Imma do with that lol.??!?! However Im grateful. But they wont get much activity on this one. I think the most ive charged is 500 for a tv and i do buy groceries and such but thats about it.

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