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Walmart App

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Walmart App

I am thinking of applying for the walmart card to be able to receive the tu08 score every month.


My question is, with a util% of around 46%, no baddies at all on my report, just high util, do you think i will be able to get the card.


I know with major players like chase and citi, because of my high util%, i would not get a card which is fine by me. I just want the walmart card for the score.


Oh i only have 1 inq on 2 of my reports so that is not an issue either.


thanks everyone for your opinions and suggestions.

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Re: Walmart App


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Re: Walmart App

Im assuming you have a score in the 700's since you have a goal set to be in the 800's for this year.  If that's correct and with the history listed above they may offer the discover to you.

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Re: Walmart App

Actually because of some bills I accumulated, my fico score has gone down due to util but it still hovers around 723 which was a TU08 score I believe.

I really don't care if it's a regular store or discover, although it would be nice to have the discover since the limit would be higher, but I really just want the score

I don't even know if its really worth it. I just have been paying down my util and I wanted to see how my score will increase in each passing month
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Re: Walmart App

I would recommend applying. I received a Walmart store card with a CL of $600 when I was just starting to build credit a little over 2 years ago. The CL has been increased to $2000 since then and I've been switched to the Discover card. With a score of 723 it should be an easy approval for you.

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Re: Walmart App

I got approved for the store card with TU score of around 640 and thats with several late payments, 2 charge offs and at the time had a CO on file although its gone now.

I would think with your score, you should be able to qualify for the Disc version

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Re: Walmart App

With your FICO Score, I have no doubt you would be approved...probably for the Discover version. Good luck!

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Re: Walmart App

Yes you will be approved. For some reason I applied for a second Walmart card a couple of months back and they gave me one, not a great limit ($800) but with a TU score of 660, with 88% util overall, and over 90% util on my other Walmart card they still gave it to me. Oh yeah and a old BK and the baddies associated with it still showing.

If they will give me one I don't see how they wouldn't give you one.



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Re: Walmart App



You may up your chances by applying in store if you are near one and it's convenient for you.  That way you bypass a possible denial from an online glitch, such as your identity not verifying etc.  Just a heads up.

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Re: Walmart App



Although Fico scores are important in general, Walmart does not use them in calculating risk. They have their own scoring. If it helps your app finger I was just approved for a $700 CL instantly online, with a Fico score way lower than yours Smiley Wink.


Good Luck!!!

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