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Walmart CC?

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Re: Walmart CC?

Your all over util is low, but you are closed to maxed on that one card. I'd pay it down quite a bit before you apply... and I'd also pound away at that balance because May will sneak up on you faster than you think...and then interest would bounce back from the beginning of the charge... (been there, done that.)

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Re: Walmart CC?

Oh I know!  LOL, I've started paying $300 on it every month, so it'll be paid off before then.  Smiley Happy If anything does happen, I get a bonus check in December as well. 

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Re: Walmart CC?

hard (read: expensive) lesson.  I'd also go ahead and pay off that 200 balance if you can...

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Re: Walmart CC?

I went ahead and pulled the trigger health, got approved for $600.  Applied online, had to call in to answer the verification questions, got the decision as soon as those were answered.  Very pleased.

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Re: Walmart CC?

They pull transunion almost exclusively. In Florida 95% will pull EQ and GE still pulls TU here.

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