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Walmart Discover

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Re: Walmart Discover

shakalaka wrote:

Nice card


Itching me Smiley Very Happy

Smiley Surprised


Grats at the OP.


I feel your itch!


I just PIF my Wal-Mart card. 2.9k CL waiting for statement to cut. I'm also due for auto-increase, maybe an upgrade soon. Age: 15 months, I want upgrade!


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12/19/2013, $100k+ Available Credit. Total Util: 0-1%
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Re: Walmart Discover

buildingitbackup wrote:

I received the automatic upgrade Walmart Discover card in the mail yesterday.  My previous CL was $900 (on the GE Card).  When I activated the Discover it stated new line was $3K.  The card looks awesome....It states that the new Credit Line will replace the old.  When I log in to Walmart.  I can see two separate accounts.  Can anyone confirm that the original account balance gets merged with the new Discover line?




That's awesome! Congratulations on both your upgrade to the Discover version and on the CLI.  Great job!  Smiley Happy


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Re: Walmart Discover

Congrats on the upgrade and increased CL!

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