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Walmart Love!!

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Re: Walmart Love!!

No I didn't initiate it. Each time I hit the 'Luv' button it said it was not eligible at the time. I even hit it the day before the increase. Go figure haha.

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Re: Walmart Love!!

pozativelyliving wrote:

Jlu wrote:

I know a way to get your Walmart TU FICO multiple times per month. Of course I don't think we're allowed to talk about how.

You can't say that and not tell us! Smiley Happy 


Do you think getting cash back when making a purchase at Walmart has any negative effect on getting a CLIs from them?  When I applied for one of my cards (don't remember which one), they asked if I take cash advances. I usually never do but I have got $60.00 from Walmart twice. Just wanted to see how it works and if the limit is $60.00 per month or just $60.00 per transaction (It's per transaction). My card will be PIF montly. 

If you look at your statement they will list your cash advance limit, its $60 per day. Mine is $200 I don't think it grows normally. 


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Re: Walmart Love!!

I got shot down when I tried for a CLI after receiving my new card. Tried the # on the back of the card and the back door #.  I received my denial letter today. The reason listed is -


Insufficient experience at your current credit limit.  


So... I'll put the card to use, PIF each month and maybe I'll see some love from there in 4-5 months. 

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Re: Walmart Love!!


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