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Walmart..What To Do?

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Re: Walmart..What To Do?

I got a Walmart Store Card last June with a $1200 SL. It's OK if you shop regularly at Walmart - I do - but be careful not to carry too large a balance on it (assuming you can't PIF for some reason) due to the high APR previously mentioned. I find it annoying that you only get 1% rewards for shopping in the brick-and-mortar stores as opposed to 3% for shopping online (though there are promos offered every so often for earning 3% in-store). It took me nine months to get a CLI on this card, when I finally got it boosted to $4000. Note that depending on a number of factors, you may be offered the option some time after getting the store card to upgrade it to a Mastercard.

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Re: Walmart..What To Do?

Thanks Joe8185. I applied for the Amazon card either day but was denied and it is also with synchrony bank I think. So I will have to just wait it out and start gardening
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