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Walmart and JCP Love

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Walmart and JCP Love

Well, I decided to try my luck and see could I get a little love this morning and Walmart gave me an CLI increase of $100 to bring me to $700.00. That made me smile. Wish it was more, but oh well, I just paid their card off 2 days ago so I understand. Decided to try my luck on JCP. I hardly use the card because they stuck me at a stinking $200.00 CL.  I charge a few things here and there but never any real usage. I was actually thinking of closing the card because I've had it for almost a year and the limit is so low and they declined my 3 prior CLI requests. Well, you can imagine my surprise when they increased my limit to $1,500.00. I almost fell off my chair. Best news yet!!!



Discharged 4/28/2016

Current scores as of 2/06/2017

CapOne Quicksilver- $2,500

NFCU CashRewards - $12500

Overstock - $2200

Wayfair - $2200

HSN - $1250

Victoria Secret - $250

Discover IT - $1200

Amazon - $800

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Re: Walmart and JCP Love



JCPenney also showed me some love a month and a half ago when they sent me a letter informing me that they took my measly $150 credit limit and bumped it up to $700.. I tried to get a little greedy by requesting another increase through their website but was sent a denial letter stating that while my account was in good standing I had recently received a credit line increase and should wait 3 billing statements before requesting another. Hopefully GEMB will see that I've been a good boy with my Care Credit and JCPenney accounts and will see fit to show me some love.

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