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Walmart card and TU FICO question.

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Re: Walmart card and TU FICO question.

Your limit may be higher already. My husband and I both got $3k temporary limits the day we applied for our cards. When the cards came through they each had a $4k limit. We got the Discovers, and it should tell you that on your paperwork from the day you apped.



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Re: Walmart card and TU FICO question.

I was approved for the store card and not the discover branded version. I dont think I met the underwriting criteria for the discover version since I'm one year out of bankruptcy. It's Sunday today and I'm not sure if GE underwriting is open for business today. I'm still trying to get up the guts to call. LOL! If not , I'll try monday. If I ever get the courage to call, I'll ask for it to be bumped up to 3,000. If I'm really feeling bold, should I try asking for the discover version or is that pushing it?

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