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Walmart card?

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Re: Walmart card?

They said they would send a letter explaining why within 7-10 days. I asked if there was any way they woud reconsider and she said that at this time there was nothing she could do to override the decision... 


I'm so bummed... 

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Re: Walmart card?

Creditaddict wrote:

TRC2k13 wrote:

baller4life wrote:
Yep! Go for it!! Card has huge growth potential plus free monthly TU Fico!

Yes it does... had mine for 5 months... PIF and am waiting for auto CLI and/or a Discover upgrade.



you should request for CLI every 4 months with GE cards!

Thanks for the tip!


As you can see I have quite a few GE cards... and they are all right around the 4th or 5th month so I'll plan on doing the CLI request soon! 



BootStraps wrote:

TRC-I have found that I have gotten larger CLI's on this card by calling the backdoor number when the cli is due. You may want to give them a call. (It's a soft pull so even if they say no you lose nothing.)


I'll do that!  Thanks!

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Re: Walmart card?

WOW I am really surprised. My TU score was like 615 when I was approved. I just knew you were a shoe in! Sorry OP! Smiley Sad
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Re: Walmart card?

I'll wait it see what the letter says and maybe try again this summer. I am determined to have a Walmart card someday! 

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