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Walmart "Type" Question

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Re: Walmart "Type" Question

SportBike4Life wrote:

If the card is a store version, it won't negatively impact your credit score. However, it will not give you as much a boost as a credit card from a prime lender.

Store card and regular credit card are in the same category as far as FICO calculation. FICO does not weigh store card differently. It might weighs differently if you are subjected to manual review.

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Re: Walmart "Type" Question

Jutz wrote:

Send them a secure message online to ensure you're enrolled, the program goes away as of tomorrow i think.  That's awesome!  Earn some points!

Thank you for contacting Chase.

I confirm that currently your Freedom
account is not
enrolled in Exclusives 10 & 10 program.

please be informed that existing Chase Freedom
Customers with an open Chase
checking account will be
automatically upgraded to the Chase Freedom
Exclusives 10
& 10 program within approximately 1-3 statement

Once your account is upgraded to Freedom exclusives you
earn extra bonus on all spending that includes 1
point for every $10 of net
purchases and an additional 10
points for each individual net

For example, if you made a $200 purchase anywhere, you

would earn 200 points + 20 points + 10 points = 230

you have any further questions, please reply using the
Secure Message

Thank you,

Pradeep Poojari
Customer Service


Account is owned by Chase Bank USA, N.A.
and may be
serviced by its affiliates.



Does this interpret to you that I am NOT right now, but will be after a few cycles?!

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Re: Walmart "Type" Question

Yep, that's the same message others have gotten. Congrats!

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