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Want a Prime Credit Card... My Approval Chances?

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Want a Prime Credit Card... My Approval Chances?

I finally fixed my credit report and no baddies anymore. My Equifax is 757 according to this website. Here's what my report has listed as positives:


Daniels Jewelers - Open 2/2004 - $150 paid as agreed (account reports as open even though I haven't used it in 8 years)

Fingerhut - Open 10/2012 - $200 limit/paid as agreed

US Bank Secured Visa - Open 9/2012 - $300 limit/paid as agreed

Barclays Bank Visa - AUTHORIZED USER/Open 9/2012 - $2400 limit Paid as agreed


As you can see most of the accts are open in September or October of this year. How long should I wait before I can be approved for a Prime Credit Card? 6 months? A year?



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Re: Want a Prime Credit Card... My Approval Chances?

Most lenders like to see at least 6 months of good credit usage before offering more credit.  I would let your new cards age to at least 6 months, then I would apply for a Walmart card.  You may get the discover version, you may get the store card.  Its a good stepping stone to other cards. I used Target as my stepping stone.

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