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Wards Credit - APR based on your state!


Re: Wards Credit - APR based on your state!

@TheRationalConsumer wrote:

@CCrew wrote:

Wards, as in Montgomery Wards? They're still a thing?

Wards is still a thing in the way that Sears will still be a thing after the stores eventually liquidate.

Someone bought the brand in an asset only purchase.

Wow. News to me. I'm on the east coast, Never hear the name anymore. Short of they can't shake the "Wards Plaza" name off an old shopping center here. 

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Re: Wards Credit - APR based on your state!

I have a continuing dislike for Monkey Wards since watching them buy out and close Lechmere as well as shoveling goods that were never sold at lechmere still with the Monkey Wards markings and tags into the liquidation merchandise.... 


Best Buy are a very bad and high pressure alternative to Lechmere ... and didnt sell quite the scope of merchandise....

I absolutely dislike Best Buy and avoid shopping there at all costs....




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