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Was Approved for Chase Slate

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Was Approved for Chase Slate

I applied for Chase Slate because of their BT but it does not cover the amount I wanted. Was wondering if it is bad to max out Chase Slate to take advantage of the 15 months 0% internet and $0 BT fee?

My FICO score is currently at 775 Experian.

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Re: Was Approved for Chase Slate

In "would it be bad", do you mean would it hurt your FICO score?


Yes, it would but if you don't plan to apply for new credit again soon, that doesn't matter.  From my experience, impact on your scores from Utilization loads recover pretty quickly once you pay off the balances or redistribute so you are aren't so close to limit on a single accounts.


You don't mention your total balances or limits on your cards.  The total picture comes into play when determining HOW much running up a balance will affect your scores.  After you transfer the balances, what will the picture look like?


In general, OVERALL utilization affects your score as well as the INDIVIDUAL utilization on single accounts. 

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