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Wating window to app?

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Wating window to app?

I'm getting ready to app for some rewards cards.  However, I wanted to present my credit challenges and get insight as to what cards to stay away from - no point in applying for cards that would be a guaranteed decline.


I have two credit card tradelines reporting.  One is a closed Chase account, has a 5250 limit but balance is at 2400.  Been paying it off over time.  Cannot convince them to lower my interest rate so it's taking FOREVER to pay it off!  2nd tradeline is an HSBC Mastercard.  It has a 2000 limit and is at 1900.  Yep it's up there due to some emergency travel expenses.


I also have a new Cap One Spark Business, but it's not reporting yet.  I'd like to app before it gets reported.  I just made my first payment to them so I'm sure it will report soon.


I have two auto loans; one is several years old, never late, and the 2nd one is new as of December.  However previous auto loans were never late.


Finally, I have a mortgage.  Had a string of baddies up through August 2012.  All has been perfect since then.  


Score is 675, income is over $100K.


So I'm asking - based on these facts - what cards should I consider apping for?  Thanks!

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Re: Wating window to app?

I just realized my topic line didn't fit with my post.


What I meant to add was - for some cards, how long after a baddie should one wait to apply?  My last one was August 2012, so it's been 6 months.

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Re: Wating window to app?

Two questions: first, where did you get that score from, and second, what were the baddies up through August 2012?


Generally speaking it depends what the derogatory is: a BK is a whole different animal than a 30-day late.  For that matter, a 30-day late on a mortgage is different than a 30-day late on a credit card depending what flavor of the algorithm is used.


I'm going to suggest that most credit card lenders will view you negatively with your description of struggling to pay off your current credit card debt, and are going to be hesitant to extend further credit as a result.  The reasons don't matter here, or to the lenders generally: I'd try to get that resolved before applying for others.


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