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Weekly Payments OK?

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Weekly Payments OK?



I use my Barclays Apple Financiing Visa for everything..they incresed my CL from 1700 to 3500 two days ago.

3500 is not quite high enough


So I charge like 900 at a time wait for that to post then pay it off

I usually do this once a week 3600 in a month


This is ok and looks good right?


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Re: Weekly Payments OK?

You can make as many payments as you like, any creditor likes seeing you can pay back your debts easily.

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Re: Weekly Payments OK?

They just want to get paid! Your weekly payments may end up being a good argument for a CLI.


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Re: Weekly Payments OK?

I do not think it matters. I know some have said that some creditors might think you have budgeting problems but I am not sure I agree. I pay my credit cards 2-4 times a month and I don't think it has made me look bad.

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Re: Weekly Payments OK?

Not a problem at all.  In fact I highly recommend it to keep you utilization lower on your statement date.  If you only paid once a month and you added 3400 of your 3500 CL you are going to look like you have a high utilization and this would lower your FICO score

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