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Weird Barclays Chargeback Investigation Request

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Re: Weird Barclays Chargeback Investigation Request

sosabe77 wrote:

enharu wrote:
It's really weird. You should try calling Barclays again and talk to a different rep. Maybe it's just confusing because its a software and generally software isn't refundable anywhere regardless of where you buy it.

 I asked to be transferred to a supervisor, and he got on the phone and pretty much reiteritated that this is part of their dispute process for this particular type of merchant.  He said they do this because "they are not experts" (his exact words), so they need something in official letterhead from a reputable company in the same or related field that backs my claim.


On another forum, someone said that they ordered a tablet from a deal site using a Barclays card.  The item was delivered in a condition way less than described in the item listing.  They disputed with Barclays, sent in pics, documentation, etc.  Barclays still wanted them to get another merchant to back their claim.  They had to go pay a local computer shop to look at it and verify their claims.  They ultimately won the dispute this way, but they had to put out a little more money.


All in all, I will probably just take this as a $99 lesson not to use the Barclays card again.

wow. this just really sucks.

I am so sorry to hear about this.

Even Citi, which is known for terrible CSRs, was a painless and seamless experience for me when I had to file a dispute for a payment I made on a DEBIT card. I figured it was going to be a nightmare because 1. its a debit card 2. its Citi, but they really came through and make the whole process easy and simple. All it required was 1 phone call, then filling in a form and faxing it back, and done.


I guess I'll just use my Barclays card for stuff I know I absolutely won't return or have problems with, and use my Chase / Wells Fargo / Citi / Discover for those. Then again to be honest, I don't use my Barclays card much.  

By the way, anyone have any claims/disputes experience with US Bank?

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Re: Weird Barclays Chargeback Investigation Request

Sorry, I know I never post but I'm always lurking and I thought I'd share some information since I work in chargebacks myself.
To be honest, this is the normal process whenever a merchant responds to a "quality" dispute and it has nothing to do with the credit card company you're dealing with but with the processor. I believe Barclay's services both Visa and MasterCard, which differ greatly in their dispute processes.
They ask for a second opinion letter because the merchant is technically considered an expert in their field. As a credit card company and as a consumer, we have to support our claims since we are not experts and unfortunately we must provide this supporting documentation in writing for any claim once a merchant represents. With disputes, it all comes down to what we can prove in writing. For example, if you were charged the wrong amount... say, $100.00, and threw away the receipt that showed you should have been charged $10.00, a dispute would likely be initiated without proof upfront (again, depending on the processor). However, if the merchant responded with a copy of said receipt showing $100.00, you would lose the dispute if you were unable to provide something that shows otherwise. Fair? Perhaps not. But you can always take it up outside of the credit card industry. And I'd like to mention that merchants can also pursue a charge outside of the credit card industry... and yes, by that I mean they can take you to collections if they lose the dispute.
As far as writing off the charge, never expect that for anything over $20 or so (depending on how much you spend on the card as well). If you have a rewards program, you could try asking for some sort of adjustment there since they're typically more willing to dish out points, but this aspect really depends on the bank.
Regardless, good luck with the dispute. It is possible to get a second opinion letter without paying in that situation & I've seen it done, so don't lose hope if you really want to pursue it. I'd suggest contacting Best Buy or Norton, as they seem the most willing to provide such letters when it comes to software.
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Re: Weird Barclays Chargeback Investigation Request

Good insight. The one thing I usually do is read the merchant rules on chargebacks to ascertain additional insight. I remember BofA asking me for documentation as a condition of processing the dispute however after reviewing the Visa USA chargeback guidelines, I discovered that I didn't have to prove anything. I sent a note to BofA explaining that per Visa rules no proof was needed, and the case was closed in my favor within a week.

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Re: Weird Barclays Chargeback Investigation Request

This is a good reason to use American Express for purchases.  Their merchant agreement covers chargeback policies for defective merchandise.


I'm sorry for the hassle you experienced OP!

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Re: Weird Barclays Chargeback Investigation Request

That's very true. At the first phase, proof is rarely, if ever, required for a Visa chargeback. I'm curious why they asked for supporting documentation. I know some companies will actually just place an item in dispute and send out a form when the dispute department is closed. Perhaps this is what happened with BoA?

And yes, from what I hear American Express is much more consumer friendly when it comes to disputes. They are their own processor, however, so they can determine most of their own rules when it comes to chargebacks. Banks like Barclay's, Chase, and BoA have to follow the regulations set forth by Visa & MasterCard so they won't have as much pull or flexibility as Amex.
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