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Welcome to Prime Land!

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Re: Welcome to Prime Land!

Redissochi wrote:

Ok so I first want to thank this website and ALL of the members who actively contribute because of you guys I have turned my credit score around from 545 (Jan 2011) to Well over 700. I went on letter writing campaigns, PFD letters and so on and got all my baddies removed!! Currently I have a Secured card from Crap 1 and the No hassles card, Orchard, Walmart, Car Care, Care credit, Lenscrafters, QVC, JC Penneys, Amazon and PP Smart Connect. I started with the very low limits between $400-700.Now all my limits are well over $1500 and mind you all these cards have been received this year, PP Smart connect is my oldest, apped in Nov 11 started at $800 now at $1500. I apped for prime cards earlier in rebuilding and gor denied consistantly, now yesterday I got the itch again and pulled the trigger and apped for the Discover card. Instead of getting the usual 7-10 days message it had me verify info from my credit report, I was like hmmmm interesting. Then it asked me to call a financial analyst and also set up online access. I called the analyst, he asked me about AAoA and my inquries and then told me: WELL WE CAN APPROVE YOU FOR $1000 FOR THE DISCOVER MORE CARD!!!  I nearly jumped for joy before I realized I was still at work LOL. I know its not a super high limit but I am in the door! This time last year Discover would not even let me smell one of their cards, now they are letting me in the door and I am forever grateful!!! :-)

Congrats on your credit journey, ur success, and approval with Discover. I started my history from zero back in january and now i just got my Discover in the mail today & i couldnt have done it with out this forum! Smiley Happy


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Re: Welcome to Prime Land!


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Re: Welcome to Prime Land!

congrats on your approval

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Re: Welcome to Prime Land!

Way to go!

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Re: Welcome to Prime Land!

Congrats on the fruits of all your hard work! Discover is a great company to do business with... welcome to the discover family!!

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Re: Welcome to Prime Land!

congratulations Redissochi!

you've worked hard to improve your credit and you're starting to reap the rewards Smiley Happy


hana hou (good job!)


ETA:  that's why i chose my nick here on myFICO, "Imua" - Hawaiian for KEEP GOING, GO FORWARD... i wanted and needed to keep improving my credit, going forward, not backward/// just what you've done

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Re: Welcome to Prime Land!


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Re: Welcome to Prime Land!





And Welcome to Discover!  I agree with others that they're very decent to do business with, treat them well and they seem to do the same in return.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Welcome to Prime Land!

Congrats ! I app for 1 too and got approved for $5500 dunno how but I have 2 liens and 1 judgment that are paid 1 late in the past 12 months and lates in the past even 90 days late!! 

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Re: Welcome to Prime Land!

Welcome to the Discover family! You took the time to research this topic, and made the effort to build up the credit history! Congratulations on getting the fruits of your labor. It's harvest season!!!

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