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Well shoot, denied AMEX 61 Day CLI

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Re: Well shoot, denied AMEX 61 Day CLI

watch44 wrote:

Jutz wrote:

Yeah I don't really mess around with AMEX when it comes to payment tricks.  My charge is on auto pay and has been since I picked it up around January.  Most I've done on the BCE was PIF before statement cut to report $0 for my CLI request.

Do you use your BCE at all or were you counting on your Gold usage to curry favor with AMEX? 


I'm in the middle of reading through the Amex 3x CLI thread so maybe someone else can give us the insider scoop. 

Yeah, I used the BCE a decent amount.  I needed $500 in usage for the bonus anyway, which I racked up in the first month, plus another $400 or so in month two.  Not mammoth totals, but enough to show use and then PIF.


I think AMEX is smart enough to see my pattern of payment is fine.  It was really just a matter of them seeing all of my recent inquiries and new accounts.  On top of that, my FICO score is borderline at best to support both a charge and a revolving product from them in the first place.


I expect to be in a good spot come next month when I go for it again.  I only wish I needed another AMEX product for the January backdating fun.


Edit: Just wanted to add, LOVE the hover over info boxes in your signature.  I didn't want to litter my signature with images, but that's about as clean as possible.

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