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Wells Fargo Credit Services...

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Wells Fargo Credit Services...

So, I just wanted to let everyone know that was thinking of applying for a Wells Fargo Secured Card that I just found this out the hard way..(1 inq)


Here is a little history of my credit:


So, I had my ch 7 bk discharged in May and my EX score (fako) went from 550 to 645

I have 500 in debt... and one card that I have paid on time for 9 months, through bk and one card open for 2 months


From what the Wells Credit Dept told me...DON'T apply for their secured card until it has been at least one yr since your bk has been discharged or it will be declined.


Just wanted to let everyone know... 


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Re: Wells Fargo Credit Services...

by the way which credit bureau does wells fargo pulls for secured cards can you tell me please cause b of a pulls experian
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Re: Wells Fargo Credit Services...

Wells has pulled EX for me
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