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Wells Fargo Love....


Wells Fargo Love....

....left the garden....Nov/Dec has been soooooo bad....


OK, so I swore I would be in the garden until next christmas because in the last month I really have gotten approved for all the cards I needed...


(I already had a capital one - blue $500)

Capital One - Green $500

Amazon - $750

Walmart - $600

Kohls - $300

Old Navy - $200

Discover - $500

Paypal - $200


Finished all my christmas shopping and got some great deals because I was approved for the store cards and I have no plans to buy a house anytime soon

so I am pretty much done with applications and just decided to garden since the limits are low (but I am grateful for them considering 6 months ago no one would touch me).  I pretty much burned all the big banks in 2008 but between 2010/2011 settled all the debt.  I have been working on my and my husband's reports

but had to put that to the side in December because work and home is crazy.


SOOOOOO, yesterday I signed on to Wellsfargo to pay bills yesterday and as I soon as I signed on I got the message "you have been preapproved for a wellsfargo rewards card - for your privacy we have entered all your information"....  I thought about it for a minute and said no way a big bank is going to touch me yet - no way, but then the ap devil whispered "go ahead" do it...what do you have to lose.... AND SO I DID IT and GUESS WHAT.... APPROVED FOR $3K....


$3K....can you believe it??????????

Highest limit yet and I am back in with the big banks...


Never lose hope.....ever!!!!


Starting Score: 720
Current Score: 626
Goal Score: 700

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Re: Wells Fargo Love....

Congrats thats wonderful newsSmiley Happy Merry Christmas To You!

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Re: Wells Fargo Love....

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!! Congrats to you, thats a nice starting limit!!!Smiley Very Happy

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