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Wells Fargo Propel AMEX

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Wells Fargo Propel AMEX

Hello all,


I was recently approved for Amex gold and I use the hell out of it. I have an approved limit for 10k when I call in and thats based on relationship with amex in 2 months. I use and pay a lot. 

I was wondering to get Propel Card since it's amex as well and was wondering if a HP will be done? Since I've seen Amex doesnt do HP if an existing client.


My fico EX 661 and EQ 667 and TU 670


I was even surprised to be approved with gold card with those scores but my credit utilization is 1%. My ex basically ruined my credit by not paying her car note which made my credit worse.



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Re: Wells Fargo Propel AMEX

Hi and welcome 

WF Propel is not issued by Amex, it only uses their network, so there will be a HP 

You would be applying for Wells Fargo card, not Amex card 

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Re: Wells Fargo Propel AMEX

As stated above, its not an amex card.


I don't think you can get propel with your fico score. Amex Gold is a charge card, despite the reputation, it doesn't need very high ficore score to be approved.

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Re: Wells Fargo Propel AMEX

As previously stated, the Propel AMEX card is issued by Wells Fargo and not AMEX.  As such, you would need to apply to Wells Fargo which would be a hp.  

The AMEX Gold Card is a charge card and not a credit card and is somewhat easier to obtain.  I also agree that your scores appear to be low to be approved for this card.

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