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Wells Fargo Rewards Card

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Wells Fargo Rewards Card

I received a pre-approved letter from Wells Fargo today regarding their "Wells Fargo Rewards Card". I couldn't find too much info on the boards about this card inparticular. Does anyone have any experience with it? Credit profile if you were approved/denied? Customer service quality? Rewards experience?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Wells Fargo Rewards Card

I'd like to know more as well. Everytime I log in to my savings account online I get a preapproval offer with 3X points.

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Re: Wells Fargo Rewards Card

I checked whogavemecredit, there was one person there who listed getting the rewards card back in march. 

Wells FargoTX54671862065000No03/14/12Credit CardYes40000They pulled EXPERIAN. Got the Rewards Card.



Hope this helps you a little bit 


(Btw, if you have used WGMC before, the scores are in the order EQ, EX, TU, he said they pulled EX, which he lists as 718) 

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