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Wells Fargo Secured App guidelines?

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Wells Fargo Secured App guidelines?

Hello All!

I am in the process of rebuilding my credit, and am looking to add a few credit cards to my report to daycare diversify my profile!
I currently have 2 medical collections (paying down), an active current car loan with about $8000 remaining, a closed Discover card account (paid in full and closed, no negative history,4 years old) and the standard $10,000 student loan in good standing.
I applied and was approved for a Citi secured card. Because it’s Christmas time, I neglected to go for a large deposit and so my limit will only be $300 (sad face.)

I am considering applying for the Wells Fargo secured credit card, but I cannot find any information on the application process, what the standard credit score is, what report is pulled, etc!
On other secured card forums I.e. Citi, Discover, Capital One etc, I’ve learned the entire app process, you guys tax filing status, and blood type.
Kidding lol. But seriously. Please provide any and all information regarding this cards approval rates.
Also, I am comply fine with the annual feel. Long as I can get my foot in the door with a secure card that doesn’t report as secured, and the limit can be increased.
(Also, I do not qualify for Discover. They hate me now for good reason. If you’re reading this Discover, thank you lying and giving me a great report even though I was late every month for 11 months. LET ME BACK IN!)

Thank you all.
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Re: Wells Fargo Secured App guidelines?

I don't see why they wouldn't approve you for it since it is secured by what you put down.


Wells Fargo was my first CC, I went in and put down $500. At the time they told me we have to check to see if you are approved and that just sort of seemed a bit silly to me lol, But I guess in some sort of strange circumstances they might deny apps for secured cards.


I had absolutely no credit when I got this card for a point of refference.


I have had this card for about a year and a half and they have not unsecured it yet, my research has shown that they may never unsecure it and honestly I have been thinking of closing it since i now have several other cards that have benfits and most without annual fees.


Im not sure if there are any secured without annual fees but it may be worth looking for one, and or also maybe look into other secured cards that commonly unsecurevmore frequently than the Wells Fargo Platinum.

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